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So Lydia is becoming more aware (or at least growing stronger) feelings for Stiles. His focus is obviously on Malia and I'm wondering, how do you think his focus will go back to Lydia? After Stalia runs it's course (hopefully). I can see Jeff sort of growing the cliche route and having Lydia almost die and Stiles realizes he's not over her. Idk, do you have any thoughts?


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I have no doubts that Stalia will run its course (probably) by the end of this season, simply because if Malia’s story is one of self discovery (and duh spoiler alert, it is) she has to be disconnected from Stiles at one point or another (just like Allison & Lydia were alone at one point or another during the heaviest character development). I have a lot of feelings about Malia and I don’t know if the fact that I am obsessed with her Anya similarities is hindering my view of Malia as a character - but probably. Malia’s story of identity is - at the moment - subject to the men around her. She’s Peter’s daughter, and within the pack, more often her identity is connected to the idea of being Stiles’ girlfriend rather than a/Scott’s beta. 

From some interviews I saw (and the Parrish/Lydia spoiler possibility bugh) unless they’re lying/keeping it a secret, I don’t think Stydia will be canon by the end of this season. So probably/hopefully season 5.

As for how Stiles’ attention would be brought back to Lydia … I don’t think it will be Stiles calling the shots. Where are they at this point in time? Stiles has stepped back because he understands Lydia has not reciprocated and he has attempted to move on. I can’t see anything happening until Lydia makes it clear that she is interested and this is a big deal because Lydia doesn’t do heartfelt confessions. She’s pretty shut down, she’s a loner and she tends to brush everything off. The only time we’ve seen Lydia come looking for another person - Stiles and Allison, has been when she was at her wits end and had no one else to turn to. So, I think we’ll see a lot of Lydia suffering in silence and what I could realistically see happening is Lydia going to Stiles for help … and that kind of getting the ball rolling seriously

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